Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lets Get This Party Started!

So, to kick off the blog, we're going to be doing a "mini-book group" discussion, and straight off of the Penguin Group's website, here is the first question:

At the beginning of the story, Delaney accidentally hits Cándido with his car. "For a long moment, they stood there, examining each other, unwitting perpetrator and unwitting victim." How does this encounter set the tone for the events that follow? Does it come full circle in the final scene?


  1. I found this book a very compelling read. It strikes me that we are all unwitting, as we are not in control of many events in our lives. Specifically, where we are born makes a difference, one foot on either side of a line makes a HUGE difference in our lives.

  2. I felt that the book was overly simplistic in the stereotypes it created. The characters in the book became more and more caricatures as the book played out. Candido might as well have been named Job and the symbolism of his spouse was a bit over the top.